How to know a genuine real estate company before buying a property through them


To buy land or a house from a real estate company,you may get scammed.There are things to know before engaging the company.

As for real estate companies, it’s a hard choice because even the ones that seem very strong in the social spaces, they may be one project or controversy away from collapse. How about you use the following criteria;

1). Avoid companies that use too many celebrities and are spending too much on hype and publicity. That is usually a very expensive affair so if they are using too much money on that front, they may be sacrificing money that should go to project delivery. Na kuna vile the best marketing is always a satisfied client.

2). Visit their social media pages, see what they are doing. Read comments from clients. It should feel authentic yet positive. Once in a while, a client complaints will be seen from time to time, the minor ones, if they have a big number of clients. Be wary about one where all the comments are almost flatterous, giving too many accolades. The latter may not be authentic. Where there are too many exaggerated positive comments, those are salesmen hyping products.

3). Look at the main director, and their track. Where were they before? How long have they done this? For instance, there is a real estate company whose main director worked with The Lehman Brothers (of the financial crisis in the US in 2008) and later worked in a Kenyan company where he left with accusations of having defrauded that company along with other directors. A mango tree gives you mangoes this season, and you must not expect oranges next season… will be mangoes. Should it surprise that the company defrauded it’s investors of hundreds of millions if not billions?

4). How long have they been operational?

5). Take time and visit their offices. Do they look professional or they just look like hordes of brokers brought together and kitted with the brand colours and uniform? Professionalism should be in how they conduct themselves, how they speak to you etc…

6). How realistic do they seem in their goals? How does the director articulate their vision? If their products look too creative, be careful. Avoid snake oil salesmen with their , who have dominated in the industry with their bright suits. You will lose your fortune

7). Pray and ask God about it. Men can be very deceptive, and information about yesterday and today (outlined in 1-6 above) may not be enough to make the decision without premium tears. God knows tomorrow, you can trust his counsel, he will reveal it.

Investing in property is something you shouldn’t be in a hurry. Take your time.


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