Which bank gives loan easily in Kenya


Banks offer loans but their interest is high. In Kenya, there are banks which give out loans easily without so many restrictions, but depending on the type of loan, documents you possess and the amount you wish to take as loan. If possible, avoid loans from microfinance institutions because they will harass you during repayment period. They even exaggerate interest rates.

If you want loan quickly, join a Sacco.Saccos give loans with low interest rates. Assuming that you are not a member of any Sacco, then you can seek a loan from banks.

Unsecured loans, salary advance and mobile loans are the ones given to Kenyans easily.


—-KCB Bank

What We Need From You*

  • Valid Kenyan ID or passport
  • Latest Original Pay slips
  • Proof of source of income for self-employed individuals
  • Active KCB account holder for a minimum of 6 months

Loan Rates & Fees

  • Competitive rates

—-Stanbic Bank Kenya

How it works

  • Minimum Loan Amount of Kes. 100,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount of Kes. 7 million*
  • Maximum Loan Term of 96 months*
  • You can top-up your loan after six months of repaying your loan.
  • Competitive Interest Rates and facility fees
  • Credit Life Insurance on all loans
  • Approval within 48 hours after we get all your supporting documents.
  • *Maximum loan amount is subject to terms and conditions, and you meeting our eligibility criteria.

What you need

  • Copy of your Kenyan National ID
  • Proof of Residence (utility bill or lease agreement)
  • 3 months statement from your current bank or a recent payslip
  • Kenya Revenue Authority PIN

—Cooperative Bank


  • Minimum loan amount of Ksh 50,000
  • Maximum loan amount of Ksh 8,000,000
  • Maximum term of up to 96 months
  • Purposes to be covered include education, medical, furniture, consumer durables, motor vehicles, plot purchase, holidays and shares
  • Applications to be appraised using credit scoring
  • Applications appraised within 48 hours


  • Employed individuals or individuals with a regular income
  • Original National Identity Card and a copy
  • No specific minimum net salary is required
  • Salary pay slips for the last 3 months
  • Filled in loan application form
  • Copy of KRA PIN

—Kingdom Bank


  • Unsecured loan of up to Kes 3,000,000
  • Business stock can be used as security
  • Free LNM & KB M-collection linkage
  • Consideration of the other banks’ statements, where applicable
  • Business registration documents

—-Equity Bank


Equiloan is tailored to the salaried person who is looking to get funding for developmental projects or acquisition of assets. It is advanced to customers whose employers have signed an MOU with Equity.

Great features

  1. Access loans from 30,000 – 5 million Ksh.
  2. It’s granted to customers whose employers have an MOU, on the check-off arrangement, with Equity Bank
  3. The maximum amount lent is dependent on a customer’s ability to pay.
  4. It has a maximum repayment period of up to 6 years.

What you require to sign up

  • Pay slip
  • Identification documents
  • Employment letter for check off loans and Salary advance


—-Cooperative Bank


  • Borrow from Kes 1,000 to Kes 500,000
  • Loan repayment is between 1-3 months
  • Receive your salary through Co-op Bank account
  • Apply through dialing *667#


  • Open a salary account with us
  • Copy of KRA PIN
  • Register on Mobile banking (MCo-opCash) to access this service.

—-Family Bank

Mobile Loan

Family Bank mobile loan allows both Family Bank customers’ and non-customers to access affordable instant mobile loans through PesaPap wallet to meet their personal and emergency needs.

How to access mobile loans?

Dial *325# or log in to PesaPap App, open a PesaPap wallet and follow instructions.

How do I know how much I qualify for?

From PesaPap menu, select My loans then select check loan limit and enter your MPIN and submit your request. The amount you qualify for will be displayed and an SMS confirmation sent to you.

How do I apply for a mobile loan on my PesaPap Wallet?

From PesaPap Wallet menu, Select My Loans, Select request loan, Enter amount required and submit. Enter MPIN to confirm details. The details of the loan (amount, facility fees and due date) will be displayed and an SMS confirmation sent to you.

How much will I be charged for mobile loan on PesaPap?

The PesaPap Wallet mobile loan is competitively priced and currently cost you 6.62%* in facility fees recoverable upfront. (*subject to CBR)

How do I repay my mobile loan?

PesaPap mobile loans must be repaid within 30 days. There are two options to repay your loan:

  • Full Repayment – Total outstanding loan is repaid at once and in full
  • Partial Repayment – Total outstanding loan is repaid in installments over the 30-day loan period

When do I qualify for my next mobile loan?

You qualify for a new mobile loan once you clear your outstanding loan.

—-KCB Bank

KCB Mobile Loan

Do you need quick funding? Take out one of the quickest mobile loans in Kenya and top up your funds to complete a purchase or sort out an emergency. With KCB Mobile Loan you can access loan amounts between Kes 1,001 and Kes 300,000 instantly. All you need to do is sign up for KCB mobile banking.

What We Need From You*

  • One must have an active KCB account and signed up on KCB mobile banking.
  • The account must be active for 6 months with at least 4 deposits during the period.
  • The account is regularly operated and should not be overdrawn at any point.

—-Equity Bank

Eazzy Loan

Eazzy Loan is an easy loan to get, without the need for guarantors or filled out forms. Get up to KSh3 million, instantly on your phone through the Equity Mobile App, your Equitel line or by dialing *247# where you can monitor your loan balance and make repayments.

Great features

Ideal for individuals with an income:

  1. Loan amounts range between KSh 1,000 and KSh 3,000,000
  2. Loans are available for both one month and multiple monthly Instalments
  3. Funds from the facility are instantly available into your account
  4. Customer is pre-scored and given a loan limit based on ability to repay.

Simple steps on How to get Eazzy Loan

To access EazzyLoan from your Equitel line:

  • Go to Equitel menu
  • Select My Money
  • Select Loans
  • Select Get Loan
  • Select Loan Type
  • Select Account
  • Enter Amount
  • Confirm Details
  • Enter PIN


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