I have a big problem. I am addicted to spending money carelessly. I am an academic writer and I make Ksh 150,000 to Ksh 200,000 per month. I have done the work for 4 years but nothing to show for it.I have over 100 friends who love me so much. Every weekend we have to party. I end up blowing up all the money I have worked for in a week for one weekend. On Monday is when I realize that I don’t have money.I love big nyash and anytime I see one, I have to pursue her until I win her. I use money to win women. I can take her to shopping and tell her to pick whatever she wants. I end up borrowing from loan apps to make a woman happy. I also take alcohol and gamble as well. Aviator is my friend. Whenever I make money, I feel like it should fly away.

I think all these things have impacted my life negatively. I have tried to stop some of them but the temptation of continuing always win. I have reached a point I feel that I was bewitched by my aunties.

My friends whom we started with are now living with their families, they have built their homes. But mimi niko kwa bedsitter. I seriously want to grow. Please help me know how I can quit the destructive habits and start investing in serious things.


First reduce your number of friends. The best way to do so is by moving out of that place to an area where you don’t have friends. After doing that, look for a way of investing your income. Join a Sacco and start buying shares. When you buy shares, you aren’t allowed to redeem the shares immediately, which gives you financial freedom.

You should also open Money Market Fund and link it with your bank account. Let the money be credited immediately to the fund before touching it. Money Market Fund will generate interest of 13%-18% per year.

The easiest way to quit alcohol is to reduce the amount of intake gradually and also start drinking alternative drink. The decision will only come from you because even if you are taken to a rehab for many years, if you haven’t decided to quit the habit, nobody will help you.

When it comes to women, the best way to limit your carelessness is by getting married. Look for a tough woman who will limit your movements. You should also ensure that she is intelligent enough, that can help you manage your finances.

One trick most people use is to save before spending. This is what you should do.


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