List of Best Driving Schools in Kenya


The following driving schools are known all over the country due to their services and enough vehicles for training and also due to their many branches in many areas.

  • AA Kenya

One of Kenya’s first driving schools, the Automotive Association of Kenya, or AA was founded before the nation gained its independence. One of the most reputable driving schools in Kenya in Kenya and all of East Africa is this Organization. In addition to having numerous locations in different parts of the country and Nairobi Estates, it is also one of the best driving schools in the City’s Central Business District, making it more convenient for students, both beginning drivers and aspiring teachers are focus of their rigorous programs. Theoretical, practical, legal and regulatory aspects of driving are all covered just to mention a few. The charges range at ksh.15400 which conists of 30 lessons.

  • Rocky Driving School

Another well-known driving school in Nairobi is Rocky, which has numerous locations throughout the city. Despite being an older driving school, it has a solid reputation among driving schools in Nairobi Town and may be the institution you’ve been looking for.

Additionally, Rocky should be one of your top objectives if you’re seeking for one of the greatest driving schools in Nairobi City Center. Notably, it is one of the organizations you can rely on if you are vouching for the best truck driving schools in Nairobi and has created numerous drivers with various specialties. It has locations in Eastleigh, Ngong Road, Buruburu, South C, Westlands, and Nairobi CBD. It costs Ksh9400 for the entire course, which includes 20 courses.

  • Petanns Driving School

A large driving school with multiple locations in Nairobi, Petanns has a solid reputation. To name a few, it has offices in Nairobi’s Kangemi, Ruai, South B, Kayole, Mathare, Dandora, Umoja, and Buruburu neighborhoods. A complete 30-lesson driving course costs roughly Ksh13000.

  • Heltz Driving School

Heltz takes great satisfaction in having a stellar reputation in Nairobi and the surrounding area. It has branches in important estates throughout Nairobi, but its main office is at Sheikh House on Tom Mboya Street. You can find the branch that is closest to you by making a request at their corporate office. The total cost of the 20-lesson driving course, which is divided down into Ksh9200, is charged. This makes it one of the most affordable driving schools in Nairobi that offers their clients value.

  • Seniors Driving school

Among its many former students, Seniors Driving School is recognized as a company that has earned good evaluations. They have a lot of experience in the field and will not only provide the best services but also take many steps to speed up the application for a driving license in Kenya. It is one of Nairobi’s most popular schools. To name a few areas, it has branches in Dandora, Thika Road, and Kayole. One of the most reputable driving schools in South B of Nairobi is seniors, and it has a branch there on Kapiti Road. The school fees is ksh.14500.

  • Glory Driving School

Although this driving school is credible and has a substantial number of alumni who are succeeding on Kenyan roads, it may not be as widely known in Nairobi as Seniors or Petanns. It provides instruction in all driving categories and is situated along Muranga Road. The whole 15-lesson driving course costs Ksh.12000 and is offered.

  • Sony Driving School

Another well-known company, Sony Driving School, is situated in the CBD at Mageso Chambers, Mezzanine Floor Moi Avenue. Although they have qualified instructors, their fees are private. Nevertheless, it is one of Nairobi’s most reasonably priced driving schools.

  • Top Gear Driving School

Another trustworthy organization that provides driving lessons in all categories is Top Gear Driving School. It has a few branches spread around different estates in Nairobi, but its main location is at the Top Gear Driving School Building in Tena Estate along the Outer Ring Road. One of the most helpful schools in Nairobi is Top Gear. They will assist you with your PSV application to the NTSA, and their reputation will give you credibility in your search for a driving employment. It is quite specific about its fees; each category has a different cost, although it charges Ksh18000 for 30 sessions for light automobiles (Class B).

  • Wings Driving School

The address of Wings Driving School is Urumathi House, North View Road.Despite not being as well-known as Petanns, the driving school has a substantial alumni base. They assist their students in several ways, such as by speeding up the NTSA booking and license application processes. It is not public knowledge how much they charge for the courses they provide.

  • Iqra Driving School

Iqra is a similarly accredited driving school with satisfied former students. It is situated on Argwings Kodhek Road in Hurligham Plaza. It also doesn’t provide a lot of information regarding their fees in the public domain, but the pricing are reasonable for typical Kenyans.


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