Kericho Water and Sanitation Company, how to apply for water connection, payment methods, Tariffs and customer care contacts


If you want clean water to drink within Kericho, you’ll only get it through Kericho Water and Sanitation Company. Below are important details you wish to know about the company:

How to pay water bill via Mpesa paybill

Kericho Water and Sanitation Company Mpesa Paybill Number is 803600.

Follow the following steps to pay your bills:

  • Go to M_Pesa menu from your phone
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter our business No:803600
  • Enter your water account No.
  • Enter amount you want to pay
  • Enter your PIN and send
  • Wait for a Confirmation Message

New Water Connection requirements

To register for their services, you need to have the following requirements:

  • ID photocopy
  • PIN No photocopy,
  • Plot Number,
  • Postal Address,
  • Mobile phone number,
  • Filling and Signing Water & Sewerage Services Agreement Form
  • Connection Fee Kshs. 2,500
  • Deposit Fee of Kshs. 2,500
  • Purchase of connection pipes

Visit the company’s website to download the application form.

Customer Re-Connection

Incase a customer defaults in payment of bills our services deems also and so a cutoff is done.

Re-Connection can only occur if a customer has paid off his or her Bills and the Re-connection fee.

Change of Tenancy

To change tenancy customer name and address you need to have the following requirements:

  • A requesting letter
  • ID photocopy,
  • PIN No photocopy,
  • Plot Number,
  • Postal Address,
  • Mobile phone number,
  • Filling and Signing Water & Sewerage Services Agreement Form,
  • Water Deposit

Reporting Water Problems

  1. You can send a message to either of the following customer care numbers:+254734778931,0721777416.
  2. Send an email to or
  3. Post your problem by filling the form below and within 24 hrs you will have responded to your problem

Kericho Water and Sanitation Company Customer Care Contacts

P.O. BOX 1379-20200,
Cashier: 0779 220 249,
CRO: 0797 220 294

Kericho Water and Sanitation Company Water Tariffs

1. 0   Approved Tariff Structure .

1. 1    Water Tariff Structure for Period 2022/2023 to 2024/2025 .

Type of CustomerConsumption Block in MApproved Tariff
Domestic/Residential/ Government
 KSh./ M3
 300 and above145.00
 300 and above145.00
Public Schools, Universities and Colleges  
 1200 and above90.00
Bulk Water Supply Per M335
Multi-Dweling Units Per M395
Water Kiosks Per M335

1.2    Sewerage Tariff for Period 2022/2023 to 2024/2025

(a) Customers with water connection

Sewerage will be charged at 75 % of the water volumes.  Billed at the tariff for water specified (in 1.1) above for all customer categories.

(b) Customers with no water connection:

Sewarage Consumers without a water connection shall be charged as follows:

  • Single dwelling domestic unit: KSh. 300 per month
  • All other categories: 75 % of volume of water used as per the metered source at the tariff specified (in 1.1) above.

Note: All Disconnected Accounts (water only, sewer only and water+sewer shall be charged based on the average of the last three months before disconnection

1.3   Miscellaneous Charges

These shall be as follows:

Water Deposit
Category of ConsumerApproved (KSh.)
Retail shop less than 10 M33,000.00
Retail shop less than 10 M33,500.00
Bar,Restaurants less than 15 M34,000.00
Bar,Restaurants more than 15 M36,000.00
Hotel class ‘A’ and ‘B’ less than 150 M312,000.00
Hotel class ‘A’ and ‘B’ more than 150 M315,000.00
Hotel class ‘C’ and ‘D’ less than 150 M318,000.00
Hotel class ‘C’ and ‘D’ more than 150 M320,000.00
Hospitals more than 150 M320,000.00
Health Centers Hospitals less than 150 M312,000.00
Schools and other institutions more than 200 M3s20,000.00
Schools and other institutions less than 200 M310,000.00
Minor construction site less than 200 M310,000.00
Large construction site more than 200M350,000.00
Light industries less than 200 M310,000.00
Medium industries 200 to 300 M315,000.00
Heavy industries more than 300 M3100,000.00
Water Kiosks5,000.00
Customer with only sewer connection to be charged a deposit equivalent to water connection
Other Charges
ServiceApproved (KSh.)
New Water connection fee- Connection size above 0.5 inch to 1 inches2,500.00
New Water connection fee- Connection size above 1.5 inches to 3 inches7,500.00
New Water connection fee- Connection size above 3 inches15,000.00
Water Reconnection Fee- at meter point1,000.00
Water Reconnection Fee- at mains5,000.00 and double deposit
Tanker- 8000-16000 Ltrs2,500.00, 5,000.00 respectively per tanker within KEWASCO area for all customers
Sale of water at bowsing point (Own a tanker)90.00
Replacing old or damaged meters100 &percent; of the market cost of the meter
Meter testing on request500.00
Sewer Connection- Residential/Domestic5,000.00
Sewer Connection- Commercial, Government,schools, universities and colleges7,500.00
Sewer Connection- Industrial15,000.00
Private sewer unblocking2,500.00
Leak detection services1,000.00
Sewer Reconnection fee15,000.00
Statement of account fees200.00
For cutting of the supply at the request of the customer200.00
For turning on the supply otherwise than in respect of a connection200.00
Exhauster services(Company Exhauster)5,000.00 for other customers and 4,000.00 for informal settlments
Private Exhauster( Dumping into the company’s sewer system)15,000.00 per Truck per month
Illegal water connection- Commercial, industry, construction (Fraud)100,000.00 plus estimated consumption during the period of ilegality
Illegal water connection- Domestic (Fraud)30,000.00 plus estimated consumption during the period of ilegality
Overcharging (Fraud) at water kiosk15,000.00
Illegal sewer connection- Commercial, industry, construction (Fraud)100,000.00
Illegal sewer connection- Domestic (Fraud)30,000.00
Self-reconnection after cut for non payment5,000.00 and billing to be backdated from date of cut off
Surcharge for tampering with meters (this to include meter removal, reversing of meter, etc)10,000.00
Surcharge for direct suction of water from the supply line using a pump10,000.00

3.0     Analysis of Cost Structure

Below is the summary of the cost structure that makes up the total costs incurred by KEWASCO:

Expenditure Item2022/23 2023/242024/25
Maintenance 15,756,97617,116,51818,409,529
Regulatory Levy9,532,64710,306,76211,316,000
Other Levies2,873,1273,091,1043,391,029
Total O&M Costs293,189,321320,653,653345,110,658
Minor Investments29,045,86750,204,90119,741,575
Total Cost322,235,188370,858,554364,852,233
Total Billing(KSh)349,858,194430,743,304439,109,074
Collection Efficiency95%95%95%
Total Costs349,858,194430,743,304439,109,074
Projected Rev. (KShs)332,365,285409,206,138417,153,620
O&M Cost Coverage (%)113%128%121%
Total Cost Coverage (%)103%110%114%

4.0     Conditions Attached to the Tariff Approval

(i) Service Delivery Targets

Target2022/23 2023/24 2024/25
Water Coverage (%)38%39%40%
Water Quality Standards (%)100% Compliance with the Quality Standards
Non Revenue Water (%)444240
Hours of Supply (Hrs.)242424
Staff per 1000 Connections765
Maintenance Expenditure as % of O&M8%9%11%
Metering Ratio (%)85100100
Collection Efficiency (%)959595
Resale at KioskRegulate resale by kiosk vendors at KSh. 2 per 20-litres. Tariffs at kiosks must be displayed at strategic points for public awareness

All payment methods

Bills Payment

  • You can pay your bills through M-Pesa. Our business number is 803600. Simply go to M-Pesa menu and enter the details as you will be prompted i.e. Business Number, Account number (e.g. ‘01017777701’) and the amount you want to send
  • You can also make payments in any Postal Office country-wide.
  • You can also make payments in any Post Bank country-wide.
  • You can also make payments in any Equity Bank or Equity Bank Agents country-wide.
  • You can also make payments in any Family Bank, Account Number:022000004636


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